IT Systems and Solutions.

We understand the value of providing consistent IT Solution(s) and the importance of measuring results. Our proprietary solution design process is based on ITIL best practices. This ensures that we deliver trouble-free, reliable IT Solutions to our clients, with strict adherence to budgets and timelines.

Clinical Information Systems (CIS)

The new healthcare reality:

DocNote is clinical information system (CIS) is crucial to delivering the best in evidence-based, and patient-centered care. It has great potential in reducing medical errors, increasing legibility, cutting unnecessary healthcare costs, and boosting the quality of healthcare. The major role of CISs is to capture, store, process, and timely transfer information to clinical decision makers for a correct and rapid decision . CIS contributes positively to patient’s safety, workflow efficiency and to point-of-care decision support.

Sales System Development Software.

Talentfort Cloud Based Online Sales System

  • Billing
  • Order Workflow Management
  • Hire Purchase
  • Warranty Handling
  • Quotation
  • Enhanced Security
  • One System Many Business
  • One System Many Shops
  • Reporting
  • Finance
  • HR (Leave Management)
  • Inventory Management

Our Product Portfolio :

▪ Digital Healthcare management Solutions
▪ Games Developments
▪ Software Development Services
▪ Documents Management Solutions
▪ Hotel Management Systems
▪ Any other Software Developments


  • ERP System.
  • Document Management System.
  • Restaurant Management System.
  • HRIS System.
  • Inventory Management System.
  • POS System.
  • Learning Management System
  • Traffic Fine System
  • Total HIS Sytem


  • Online Market Place (E- Commerce Platforms).
  • Food Ordering Platform.
  • Online Gaming Platforms.
  • E- Book Platform.
  • Recruitment Agency Platform.
  • Online Learning Platform.