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Completed Projects


Gem Marketplace
King of Asia

A marketplace for gem vendors and buyers with a seamless and trustowrthy process.

Vehical Parking System

Vehicale parking system which redefined seamless parking management intergrating RFID car recognition with accurate access control.

Food Ordering System
Mexican Hoppers & Ayuventures(Pvt) Ltd

Ability to understand and generate content in different languages.

Travel Management System
Sri Lanka Travel Experts

Ability to invite friends, and earn commission from their first purchase.

Document Management System
Keerthi Mihiripenna & Company Chartered Accountants

A maeketplace for gem vendors and buyers with a seamless and trustwothy processs.

Job Arcade
Ibrahim Group of Companies

Ability to invite friends, and earn commission from their first purchase.

Human Resource Information System

Payroll management of call centres of Hemas, Sri Lanka Water Board, Edinborough, Ayati Trust and RDB is processed through the system.

Inventory Management

The inventory and warehouse management of manufacturing and distribution companies can be seamlessly managed. Integrated POS system which automates the whole process of the organization.

PoS System

Point of Sales System acting as a digital cash register with the combination of hardware and software that allows businesses to accept payments, track sales, and manage inventory.

Mobile Apps

Attendance Mobile App
HRIS Mark +

HRIS Mark+ is a mobile application dedicated for sales employees to track their attendance through GPS tracking. The application is available in both Android & iOS versions.

Megha1 Mobile App

Megha V1 mobile application is a marketplace to purchase and get information on Megha1 products ensuring health and wellness.

TubeMakers QR Scanner
Scan me

Scam Me, mobile application manages the inventory through QR code scanning and views stocks of inventory.


Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium

Our website revamp for the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium transformed its online presence. We website implemented SEO best practices, resulting in a significant increase in organic traffic and online visibility for the stadium. This has sparked renewed interest in the venue and its rich sproting history.

Megha 1

Megha 1’s website revamp was a game-changer. We developmed a user-friendly and informative website that clearly communicates their mission, values and expertise. This has resulted in a surge in qualified leads and inquiries, contributing to Megha1’s growth.

Organisation of Professional Association of Sri Lanka

The Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka partnered with us to revamp their website. Our focus on clean design and user experience has improved member engagement and facilitated access to valuable resources.


Urban Settlemennt Development Authority

We revamped the Urban Settlement Development Authority’s website, showcasing their successful development projects with compelling visuals and informative content. This hasgarnered public recognition and attracted potential investors to their ongoing intiiatives.


Tube Makers

The South pacific’s most trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality pipes and fittings. Empowering Tube Makers, a leading manufacturer of pipes and fittings, we revamped their website to enhance their online presence within the construction and manufacturing sectors.This involved optimising product information and showcasing their expertise, leading to increased brand awareness and potential leads from key industry players.


Perfect Tech/Infinite Tech Solutions saw a dramatic increase in qualified leads after their website revamp. We implemented conversion optimization techniques and craffed clear value propositions, leading to a significant boost in their bottom line.


Devone Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, has carved a reputation for itself as one of Sri Lanka’s most accomplished corporations in a wide variety of sectors ranging from Project Development. Enginering-project management & construction, Real estate & property developemnt, ImportsExport-Manufacturing & Distribution to Travel & Transport.


SwizTech is well-equipped to provide innovative solutions, helping to power the success of our clients globally. Swiztech, a leader in innovative solutions, partnered with us for a website revamp. We highlighted their cutting-edge technology and its impact on various industries through compelling content and visuals. This has strengthened their position as a thought leader and attracted new clients seeking advanced technological solutions.

Dammika's - Eclectic Cuisine From Ceylon

To tantalise taste buds and ignite wanderlust, we revamped Dammiks’s website. Our focus was on mouthwatering menu descriptions and stunning visuals that capture the essence of their eclectic cuisine. This has resulted in a surge in onine reservations and increased interest in their unique dining experience. 

NiewTree Ghana Limited

NiewTree Ghana Limited, a multi-functional consultancy firm, collaborated with us on their website revamp. we developed a user-friendly platform that effectively showcases their diverse service areas in sustainable development, urban planning and more. This has improved communication with potential clients seeking their expertise in these critical sectors.

Ampark Foundation

Ampark Foundation, a non-progit dedicated to environmental sustainability and social progress, approached us for a website refresh. Our focus was on crafiting a compeling narrative that highlights their impact and mission. This has led to increased public awareness and potential donors who share their vision for greener and more equitable Sri Lanka.

Metframe Fiji

Metframe Fiji, a leading manufacturer of steel roofing products, partnered with us to revamp their website. We emphasised the advantages of steel roofing and showcased Metframe Fiji’s position as a reliable supplier within the construction industry. This has resulted in increased brand recognition and potential leads from builders and contractors.

Rialto Investment

Rialto Investment, a prominent consultancy group, collaborated with us on their website makeover. We revamped their online presence by highlighting their expertise in project development, engineering and interior design. This has attracted new clients seeking their comprehensive services across various construction and investment projects.

Keerthi Mihiripenna & Company

Understanding the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, we revamped the website for Keerthi Mihiripenna & Company, a chartered accountancy firm. We focused on crafting clear and concise content that emphasises the benefits of their accounting, taxation and business advisory services. This has resulted in increased interest from potential clients seeking their financial expertise.


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