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Ongoing Projects

Inventory Management & POS System

The inventory management system and POS system is fully customized tailoring to the inventory management process of Sri Lanka Ayurvedhic Drugs Corporation ensuring that the pitfalls faced in the traditional process is minimized.

Production Planning System

The production planning process of the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation is automated through a customized system ensuring that the production processes are streamlined. After a thorough research on the whole production processes, we innovate automating strategies for SLADC.

Food Ordering System - Sri Lanka Prison

A food ordering system was developed for Sri Lanka Prison in order to facilitate the food ordering for the prisoners and staff. The family and friends of prisoners/staff can place orders via web, mobile (both android and iOS) and through POS for visiting customers. 

Mobile POS

The Mobile POS is tailored for sales teams to streamline the process of mobile sales of the products at Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation.

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